Paramedical Tattoo

by Terry Lively



What is paramedical tattooing?  An example of paramedical tattooing would be areola  (nipple) repigmentation  that is  done on breast cancer survivors who have had reconstructive surgery. In most cases, the surgeon will create a nipple and graft it onto the patient's breast. Once this is healed, an  artist who specializes in  paramedical work  will tattoo a natural color onto the graft. In some cases, the surgeon will not create a nipple, and the tattoo can be done to simulate a 3 D  nipple using artistic effects. Light and shade can create a look that is somewhat realistic. 

Another example of paramedical tattooing would be scar camouflage. Certain types of scars can be tattooed to make the scar  appear "less obvious".  Not all scars can be camouflaged, as some scars tend to hyperpigment, or turn unusually dark, from the tattooing.  A consultation is recommended to see if the client is a good candidate for paramedical tattooing. 

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