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Areola Restorative Tattooing
Terry Lively

Areola restorative tattooing  is 3D nipple tattooing for breast cancer survivors who have undergone reconstructive surgery . Welcome to the website of Terry Lively, an artist specializing in  photorealistic nipple  tattooing  in San Antonio, Texas.  Areola restorative tattooing is the final stage of the reconstruction process,  and is done to create a beautiful and natural  appearance.  Also known as medical or paramedical tattooing,  this type of work  should be done by well seasoned artists who have been tattooing professionally for many years, and  are familiar with working on compromised skin.   Feel free to check out Terry's portfolio of actual  areola tattoos on this site.  Terry has also started a blog on her experiences in working with breast cancer patients, their journey and results.  The goal of the blog is to educate patients on how to seek out an experienced tattoo artist who has skill and training in realistic  3D nipple tattooing.  




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about me.

I have been performing medical and cosmetic tattooing in the San Antonio area for over  20  years. My mother was a bilateral breast cancer survivor, and my grandmother passed away from breast cancer in the 1970's.  

My goal with each client is to create realistic 3D nipple tattooing and help them complete their journey from reconstructive surgery.

I am referred patients from the elite surgeons of PRMA Plastic Surgery, Dr. Elisabeth Potter,   Baumholtz Plastic Surgery, Dr. Wendie Grunberg,  Dr. Dallas Homas,  Dr. Augustin Cornejo,  and several other surgeons  in  Texas.

Call for your consultation. 210-585-8410.  NOTE: Now accepting insurance on areola and scar work. Call for more information.



Tel: 210-585-8410

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